Hints on How to Organize Acquaintance of Pets and a Baby

Max Polyakov

When Max Polyakov and Amelia created their own family, they didn’t know that it will be that big. The fact is they both love animals and their house is a sweet home for 15 pets. A happy couple has cats, dogs, parrots, and hamsters. They didn’t even think that there will be any problems with having a baby. But their dog wasn’t ready to become a friend of a new member of their family. Max Polyakov and Amelia hoped that the pet will get used to their baby girl. But the dog didn’t change its behavior. Max Polyakov’s dog Eos was angry with this baby situation and didn’t want to share the attention of masters with a child. It was dangerous to leave the dog, that’s why the family had to give to other people. They are also pet-lovers and have much time to spend with this animal.

How to Start Preparations

Max Polyakov definitely knows that you have to train your dog well before you start preparing it for a baby to arrive. These could be only the main commands but they will help your pet to cope with upcoming changes. Everybody needs to train his animal because good manners are always appreciated. For example, you can avoid undesirable situations when a dog starts panicking and behaves incorrectly. A well-trained pet copes with different challenges easily, without stresses.

Regular exercises make your dog obedient, and it helps to make its life more relaxed. If you train your pet permanently, you get a special connection. A dog starts understanding and trusts you more. It finds out which things your let it do and what is determined as a bad behavior.

Training is a wonderful chance to set strong relationships between a dog and its master. This aim is reached by the time they spend together. Both know that they can trust each other. A dog will know that you are not only a master but also a friend and it can rely on you. It will find what you like and appreciate. Such dogs always take the fact that a baby will arrive soon easily.

Education and training will make your dog more social. It will know how to act with other people and stop panicking in a new environment. Social skills and good manners help dogs to save a good mood and equanimity in any situation. Adults and children won’t be afraid of it but only admire its education.

The training process will make both a pet and its owner happier. It’s always about a nice mood and memorable moments. Prepare different activities for your dog: sports, travelling, walks and visiting your friends. The time you spend together will be a nice experience for both. A dog will feel happy and confident among people.

Soft Changes

Max Polyakov's Eos animal

Pets love the comfort and don’t like different movements, changes. You know a baby arrival is a huge event for the whole family. And your pets belong to this family. That’s why you have to take care of them and prepare animals for changes softly, without any haste.

Start with arranging a special place for your pet. It can be any spot where it feels comfortable. Make it its “home”. It can be a bathroom, a crate for your doggie or a tall shelf for a cat. Décor it with its favorite toys, put a blanket, set water and feed bowls. A pet should feel comfortable in this private space, nothing should disturb it there: neither a baby nor noise. It’s a corner of tranquility and relaxation there.

Probably, you noticed that other children like to touch animals, hug them or play with them. If your pet has never seen children before, it’s a tough stressful challenge for it. That’s why you should start making your animal get used to these situations. Begin with such areas as a nose, face, paws, ears, tail, and tummy. Make your pet love these touches. But in case an animal doesn’t let you disturb it, ask someone to help you. This person should give something tasty to a pet, and you touch it while it’s eating. This process should take from two to five minutes several times a day. You can do it also while playing with your pet or while it’s eating. An animal will think that it’s something really pleasant.

You will have to set new rules in your house. But try to acquaint your animals with them in a soft manner. They don’t have to be depressed with those new rules. That’s why you will have to start setting them before a baby arrives.

The Power of Passing-By

Max Polyakov’s Eos wasn’t ready that her masters will pay less attention to her when a baby arrives. That’s why you have to teach pets to cope by themselves and be independent. But don’t do that at a time. Ignore them by dozes. Just spend a little more time with animals every day. They will get used to situations when you don’t have time to play or walk with them. In case you are pregnant, tell your husband to be your animal’s company for that period. Step by step and your pet will fall out of a habit to be with you all the time.

Another problem is if your animal has never seen children before. Invite some of your friends or relatives with children and let them interact with your pet. Notice its behavior and teach how to act correctly with kids. A pet has to get used to little people.

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No Bad Habits, No Problem

If your pet has some bad habits such as scratching, occupying a baby’s bed, jumping, try to forbid it doing those things. You will have to watch its behavior and teach to stop acting like that.

A master has to check a pet’s health before a baby is born. Visit the veterinary and find out if it has any diseases or disorders. A doctor should provide your pet with all the needed vaccinations. An animal should be healthy and feel well when a baby arrives.

Remember that someone will have to stay with your animal while you’ll be absent. This person will have to watch and feed a pet until you return with a baby.

What Else to Do

  • Control the feeding and training schedules of your pet. You don’t have to change them when a baby arrives. That’s why set schedules while you are still pregnant;
  • Does your dog know all the main commands? If you see that it doesn’t want to fulfill some tasks, consult with an expert;
  • Check if your cat’s claws are of the normal size. Cut them only in case it’s needed.
  • You have to acquaint your pet with children if it has never seen them before. You may invite other couples who already have kids. Look at your pet’s behavior while it’s interacting with children and notice what you have to do about it;
  • Prepare a container for diapers. You know that animals like to explore everything that smells. It will be a pity in case they take dirty diapers and put them all over the house;
  • Don’t let animals occupy your baby’s bed. Especially, you will have to watch your cat and stop its desire to sleep there;
  • Organize a private space for your animal. A baby shouldn’t reach and disturb it there.

What to Do if a Behavior is Still Undesirable

If you see that all your tries never succeeded, it’s time to get a professional help. The example of Max Polyakov’s Eos proves that timely specialized support may save the situation. An expert will even help in case you’re already carrying a baby. He will go through all those training processes with you and will make them easier. Your pet will be ready to communicate and become friends with a new family member.

Both animal trainers and veterinarians may teach your pet how to build relationships with a baby. They can even examine it and tell you how it will interact with a child. A good expert will advise you which training part should be improved.

You have to check if your pet knows basic exercises such as sit, stand, go, and come. An expert will upgrade the fulfillment of those commands and teach an animal many other important things. You should choose a program which will make your pet polite and calm. It has to stay calm in any stressful situation. A coach will have to acquaint a pet with different smells which will appear when a baby arrives.

If you do not know where to find a nice trainer, join different pet-lover associations and groups. These people will advise you real professionals. You will have to conduct a total research, analyze their programs and choose the most fitting one.

There’s another chance to find a real expert: surf the Internet and visit specialized sites. There should be contacts of professional trainers. Max Polyakov recommends reading books which explain how to teach your pets correctly. Get the information there and start practicing.

Max Polyakov thinks that it’s great if you start training a young dog. It will learn easily and remember all the commands. But don’t be afraid to start training your old doggie. It doesn’t mean that it won’t remember anything. If you train your pet well, it becomes a real friend for your kid. Try different tricks, keep practicing, be patient, and you will get the most effective result.

How to Arrange Your House

Children are always curious about so many things. They not only ask questions, think or smile. They act! And those acts are not always safe. Each parent has to keep a child away from danger. Max Polyakov is sure you know that a house should be safe for your baby. That’s why you have to take care of very important things:

  • Think of curtain cords. There were many horrible situations with these decoration things. That’s why you should buy special cord devices to avoid danger;
  • Buy special covers and plugs for power points;
  • Make stairs a safe place for your child. Set special gates to prevent falling from them;
  • Keep chemicals as far from a baby as you can. Hide them in a place where a child can’t take anything.

Create a Kid Zone in a House

Max Polyakov's Eos domestic animal

Parents have to know what their baby is doing whenever they are. That’s why you have to arrange some special zone for your kid with games and toys near you. For example, this place should be observable from a kitchen or your cabinet. It depends on where you spend more time during the day.

Your house decor should be practical. Don’t put things in places where a child can easily reach them. Max Polyakov is sure that it’s nice to discipline children and teach them to respect everything you have in a house. But accidents take place, that’s why be wise and limit yourself with minimal decorations. Parents also have to be sure that their child is Ok if they are not in the same room. Put away dangerous things and relax by having a few free minutes. Such prevention measures might save the health of your kid. If you have some important documents or things, keep closed.

Make the Noise Disappear

Having a baby is always a noisy deal. If you have to relax and lower the sound, add some helpful decorations to your interior space:

  • Put a carpet on a floor;
  • Add more curtains;
  • Bookshelves with dozens of books.

All those things are wonderful sound absorbers. They don’t let the noise spread all over the house. Moreover, your home will become more comfortable.

All these preparations are needed to create a convenient atmosphere for everybody in a family. After proper training and decisions, you, your pets and house will be ready to accept a new member of a family.