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Max Polyakov Offers Tips About How to Get the Pets Ready for a Newborn

Newborns are supposed to bring joy to a family. Unfortunately, in the family of Max Polyakov, the coming of a baby made one of their pets wild. They were even forced to send that pet to a different family. This is when Max Polyakov felt it is necessary to prepare pets for new family members.

Max Polyakov Offers Tips About How to Get the Pets Ready for a Newborn

How to get your pet ready for the baby you are expecting

Max Polyakov suggests that everyone who has pets and is expecting a child must make the pets ready to meet the child. Giving pets life skills is very crucial because it will make them know how to behave in different environments no matter who is around them.

All the changes that are expected to take place once a baby arrives must be made before his/her arrival to allow the pets some time to get used to them. For instance, once the baby comes, there are some sections of the house that a pet must stay away from. So, the pets should be trained to stay away from those sections before a baby comes.

And babies normally tend to touch things carelessly. The pets should be desensitized to such careless touching before the baby arrives.

Also, Max Polyakov recommends getting a professional trainer in case one is unable to train the pets on his/her own.

Animal trainers

Professional animal trainers can be found in distinguished animal clubs. But before choosing a trainer for your pet, find out if they will be able to handle your pet well.

Max Polyakov also says that pet owners should not get discouraged if they fail to find the right trainer. He believes that pet owners can as well get the necessary knowledge to train their pets from several materials available online.

Every part of the home (inside and outside) must be prepared for the baby

Max Polyakov says that the area outside the house must look friendly and safe for a child. People should also consider constructing a play area inside the house. The play area should be close to somewhere where one can keep an eye on the baby while going on with other tasks.


Max Polyakov believes that his teaching about how to prepare the pets for babies will help them feel comfortable when the baby arrives. He also adds that all other members of the family must be comfortable with any changes that take place in the house too.

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