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Making pets do feel comfortable when a new family member arrives

Max Polyakov: Ways of Making Pets Comfortable Around New Family Members

Equipping them with life skills

Max Polyakov starts by saying that he wouldn’t like other people to encounter what he encounters with EOS. He recommends that people who are living with pets should begin training their pets early before the baby arrives.

Teach your pets how to behave well in different situations. He says life skills are very important to animals. This is because no matter where they are or who is around them, with life skills they will behave well.

The things that change when a baby comes

Also, Max Polyakov talked about the changes that take place in the house when a baby is born. He suggested that people should make those changes before the baby arrives. That is the only way the pets can be able to adjust to them and when the people comes they will feel that everything is still normal. For instance, Max Polyakov talked about parts of the house where pets should not get close to when the baby comes. Pets should be trained to avoid those places before the baby is born.

Another thing that Max emphasized about is desensitizing pets to getting touched in careless ways. This is something that small babies enjoy doing and it can be so annoying to anyone who is not used to it. So, prepare your pets for such to prevent them from becoming violent when it happens.

The home compound

Max Polyakov also said the compound of a home should be made safe before a baby comes. A baby’s play area can also be constructed at the compound.

Expert trainers

Max Polyakov also added that in the event that you are unable to train your pets on your own you should seek professional help. Good trainers can be found in animal organizations just ensure you get one who can treat your pets well. Read more about professional animal trainers at


With everything talked about here, Max Polyakov is confident that families will not encounter any issues with their pets when a child is born. Every member in the family is also expected to get comfortable with everything that happens at home. Max says this is the only way pets will also be able to adapt easily.

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