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Trainer Max Polyakov Shows The Best Way to Create A Home for Pets and a Family

Trainer Max Polyakov Shows The Best Way to Create A Home for Pets and a Family

Max Polyakov and Amelia had between them fifteen pets. Quite a large number of pets for such a small family. When the family was ready to introduce their littlest member, a stunning baby girl, their dog, EOS was not having it. Max Polyakov and Amelia hoped that their dog would be more welcoming but he refused to ease up and be nice to the littlest member of the family. EOS surely did not want to share his attention with others.

Max Polyakov and Amelia were well aware of what it took to bring a baby into a house with pets, especially a dog. They knew they had to train EOS very well before attempting to bring him near any children. These structures definitely help any dog to cope with upcoming changes in the family, and they create a bond between them and the family. Regular exercises teach the dogs obedience and help the dog to know what to do at various times. It also teaches the dog what is good and bad.

How Max Polyakov and Amelia trained their dog

EOS had to learn to be somewhat independent and responsible. He had to learn how to be ready to have less attention from Max Polyakov with the arrival of a baby. He had to spend less and less time with EOS prior to the coming of the baby. He also had to invite people with children to play around EOS so that he could be used to the scent and activity of younger children. There are other things to do for a family to receive children. Things, like creating a kids zone and averting all sources of danger, enables a family to hazard proof their home and make it safe for younger children.

Other tips to consider

Max Polyakov and Amelia considered reducing the noise level at home by using curtains and carpets. Also, adding bookshelves will help to cushion some of the noise at home. Using practical décor at home is always the best thing. It’s always wise to put away breakables and dangerous things that can hurt a child. Minimal decorations are always the way to go. Create gates at the staircase to prevent children from toppling over. As for pets like EOS, getting professional help was the way to go for Max Polyakov, so that the children and the pets could get along without problems. One last thing you might want to try out is to organize a private space for your pet. This helps him to have his peace of mind and not be disturbed by the children.

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